Welcome to GardenBallistics, the website devoted to home made cannons, electronics, engineering and amazing ballistic inventions!

This site comprises of a collection of documented projects that I have undertaken as a set of somewhat obscure hobbies. The various projects that I have toyed with over the years entail fields of pyrotechnics and rocketry to electronics and engineering.

I first began writing up and publishing a website to document the projects I undertook back in 2000. Some of the first projects I undertook were water bottle rockets and potato cannons which were inspired from a book I received from my Dad entitled “Back Yard Ballistics”. After some of my friends became intrigued with what I was playing with I thought it would be a good idea to document them on a website for everyone to get better view point on the various contraptions and devices I was playing with; and hence I created “GardenBallistics”.

I have changed and modified the site over the years and have recently ventured into using WordPress as a CMS for the website. This has replaced the old fashioned method of manually compiling every HTML page which had become a somewhat tedious task which made it difficult to make simple global changes to the site. So hopefully, I will have given the site a more modern touch that will also encourage me to keep uploading interesting projects and posts.

I would be very pleased to hear from you regarding anything, so please get in touch via the contact page.

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